Immobiliare Il Castello, agenzia immobiliare trasimeno
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Immobiliare Il Castello, agenzia immobiliare trasimeno Immobiliare Il Castello, agenzia immobiliare trasimeno Immobiliare Il Castello, agenzia immobiliare trasimeno Immobiliare Il Castello, agenzia immobiliare trasimeno Immobiliare Il Castello, agenzia immobiliare trasimeno Immobiliare Il Castello, agenzia immobiliare trasimeno
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In a market that is forever changing, our goal is to help our clients understand what their property is really worth, if it is saleable and what type of purchasers might be interested in it.

We will perform an inspection of the property and assess its strengths and weaknesses. We will ask you to fill in a questionnaire to answer all relevant information of the property.

We will request all the following documentation relating to the property:
  • Original purchase deed;
  • Mortgage deed if present;
  • Cadastral floor plans of the building;
  • Building permits and / or indemnity deeds;
  • Certificate of Energy qualification;
  • Plumbing/electricity conformity certificates.
At this point, we will check the situation of the property, so as to resolve any issues which, during negotiation, might affect the success of the same.

We will verify the town planning situation, mortgage, cadastral and tax situation of the property

Our free estimate is based on the market price, we will only take on properties of which values do not exceed 15% of that estimated.

The real estate will then do a photographic service and a small brochure to be sent to all potential purchasers and/or colleagues from other agencies, containing data and precise knowledge of the property in question.

To ensure that each property is promoted in many circuits, the agency acquires property for sale with a mandate:
  • NON EXCLUSIVE, in writing provided that the sale price is fair and reasonable to the parameters of the current market prices set by the agency.
    The clear mandate provides that the seller is free to make private negotiations or to entrust the sale at the same time to other agencies.
    With this mandate, the owner is required to update us in real time on the ongoing negotiations.
  • EXCLUSIVEspecifies that the agency has the sole responsibility of the sale of the property. This allows both the owner and the agency to better organize all those aspects which then lead to an increase in an important way the marketability of the property.

The commission is 3% + VAT on the sale price.
For those seeking a house we offer all our support in helping you research the right property with the desired characteristics among those we have for sale in Umbria, Perugia, Trasimeno.
After choosing a house we guarantee assistance in all phases of the sale, until the deed.

We will assist you in the preliminary sale and provide notary service to facilitate and expedite all the paperwork for the sale.

We also deal with real estate consultancy and legal matters.

The agency also offers:
  • financial advice to find the best economical solution in case you want to get a mortgage for your purchase;
  • technical assistance thanks to our collaboration with a specialist. Our technical department is at your disposal to supply you with all the necessary paperwork and to solve any problems of urban planning and land registry matters and to help you design the house you have chosen...

... anything that can help you to realize your dreams!


We advertise on both national and international portals such as:

In addition, we manage our website through a web agency that ensures that the properties we manage are always clear and visible on the web, in order to offer the best possible results for our clients.

We also publish a leaflet with local distribution with monthly releases.

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